Commercial Wraps

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The Best Return on Your Advertising Investment

The benefits of a vehicle wrap hit home with stunning clarity when you compare its cost to the Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) of other forms of advertising (Statistics courtesy of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America):

  • A 30-second prime-time spot in the top 100 television markets cost $17.78 per CPM.

  • A 60-second drive-time ad in the top 100 radio markets cost $8.61 per CPM.

  • A one-third b/w page ad in the top 100 newspaper markets cost $22.95 per CPM.

  • A four-color one-page ad in 23 top magazine publications cost $9.35 per CPM.

  • The average for all forms of billboard ads cost $2.18 per CPM.

  • Vehicle wraps cost $.77 per CPM.

Eye-Opening Mobile Advertising Facts

Consider these statistics compiled by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

  • More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers.

  • One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 - 70,000 impressions daily.

  • Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.

  • 30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they would base a buying decision on the ad they see.


Our high quality wraps are printed and laminated on:
3M, Avery, or Orafol (3-5 year outdoor durability depending on how you take care of it.)

your vehicle wrap project can take 1-2 weeks

There are 5 main steps to creating a vehicle wrap: design, proofing, printing, and installing.

Start by providing the year, make, and model of your vehicle. 

1. Artwork, supplying your own artwork in VECTOR FORMAT files .ai or .eps and High Resolution 300 dpi .jpegs or .tiff

Remaking logos and acquiring high resolution images will result higher costs for the design.

2. Design- This is the longest part of the vehicle wrap process, it can take anywhere from 5 to 40 hours, depending on the complexity of the design and style of vehicle. Certain graphics may have to be specially cut and contoured to fit parts of the vehicle, which can take longer.

3. Proofing- Once the design is ready, the we create an electronic or printed proof of the wrap. It's important to carefully examine the proof for any mistakes you find and immediately note any changes you want made to the final wrap before printing. Any changes you have after the wrap goes into final production can delay turnaround and add significantly to your costs.

4. Printing- Vehicle wraps are printed in multiple panels and carefully pieced together during installation. After printing the wrap, ink needs 4-6 hours to "gas out" this prevents the vinyl from bubbling or winkling during installation.

5. Installing- Your vehicle needs to be thoroughly clean so that the wrap will adhere properly. You would need to wash your vehicle before you leave it with us. Taking it through a high pressure car wash that uses powerful detergents should clean off most grime and debris.

Installers use a heat gun to stretch and reposition the vinyl and a squeegee to eliminate imperfections. It's important to note that installers rely on sharp razors to manipulate the vinyl and remove excess material around door handles and crevices. Even with the expert installers, there's some potential for minor nicks and scratches to the surface.


Price is based on vinyl and type of vehicle:

Type of Graphics

Spot graphics 1-2 colors or lettering $80 - $600 

Solid color graphics and stripes $300 - $800

Banners $5 sf. minimum $20

Window view through $10 sf. minimum $40

Our high quality wraps are printed and laminated on:
3M, Avery, or Orafol (3-5 year outdoor durability depending on how you take care of it.)


Printed Full Wraps Start at:

extra small coupe 2 door $1800

Small Vehicles 4-dr coupe $2200

Large Sedans 4-dr $2500

Medium Cars, Small SUVs $2400

Pick-up Truck $2600

Large SUVs, Vans $2900

Extended Van $3200

Busses, Box Trailers, Box Trucks $4500 +

Back Window View Thru $150

Roof Wrap:
Cars $250

SUV's $350

Vans $450

Wrap Removal $85 an hour


Estimates are based on $8-$10 a Square Foot depending on material, UV Lamination and installation is included. Vehicle wrap estimate prices are based on material, layout, design, coverage and vehicle type. (set up fee or design may vary from $85 and hour) Plus tax. When providing artwork it must be at least 300dpi. To learn more about pricing and to see what best fits your budget, Please contact us.

All Square Foot pricing is rounded up to the nearest ft. Example - 24"x24" = 2'x2' = 4 sq ft. 25"x30" rounds up to 3'x3' or 9 sq ft.


Complete Wrap- Covers the entire surface of the vehicle, Includes perforated window film that covers glass surfaces without impacting the driver's visibility.

Three fourths wrap- Covers the sides of the vehicle and extends around the back and including a logo on the hood.

Half wrap- Covers half the sides of the vehicle and extends around the back. Half wraps may also include a logo on the hood.

Window graphics- Graphics printed on window perfs.

Solid color graphics and stripes- These graphics use solid colors Oracal Cast vinyl High Performance.

Vinyl lettering/spot graphics- A less expensive solution that may include 1 to 2 colors, a company logo, and contact info.

Full one color wrap- This covers the entire surface of the vehicle in a solid color or metallic replacing the current paint color, no window perf.